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Entry #7

I'm off to college!

2008-08-20 20:19:05 by Prellz

Yessir, Friday I will be heading off to Western Illinois University, to begin my study into Radio Broadcasting. Seeing as I will have a lot more access to my computer now that I have a little more free time, expect a few flashes to come out from me within the following months (Including the 08 Memory Book).

But all in all, life is fast fellers. I know most of you are around 13-15, so I shall give you some words of wisdom: Appreciate every moment you have being the youths that you are. Explore the world around you, try new things, you only are a teenager once in your life, and my god, does it go by FAST. It seems like just yesterday I was walking into high school for the first time, and here I am now in the threshold of living on my own, dependent on my and only my decisions.

So seriously, enjoy your teenage years. I know I did :)

Thanks for the good times Newgrounds, with hopefully many more to come!
Spenser Prelletz (Prellz)

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."


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2008-08-20 20:27:44

ik that I enjoyed my life when I was 5 - 9, but now I don't.

But youre starting to convince me that I should enjoy life.


2008-08-20 20:53:00

Just watch it buddy, don't make any promisses ;)

Take it from me, college is a fun place but after fun comes studying (trust me, I screwed up and it's supposed to be after fun comes studying), only then comes flash and other crap ;)

Have a good time mate

Fuck I'm drunk...


2008-08-20 23:06:49

at age 18, I leave for the College of William & Mary friday. Even though I'm excited, and I'm going to be only 2 hours from home (Arlington, VA), and I'm gonna be in the dorm accross the street from my best friend, I'm scared as hell. Partly it's because I'm gonna be away from my girlfriend of 19 months, and part of it is that I am leaving my mother behind alone... She and my dad recently divorced, and my older brother is a rising senior at UVA, so she will be alone. I agree with you, though, even if it makes me feel old to say it, cherish your time as a kid. High school and parents may seem to suck at the time, but don't wait until its too late to enjoy life. As for you, Prellz, I wish you the best of luck in college and the rest of your life


2008-08-21 06:47:45

haha! Have a good one man. I'm going back for my sophomore year. Don't worry man. With an attitude like yours, you'll have just as much fun at college as you did when you were "younger."

Yeah, life is damn short, but we're still kids. We may seem ancient to the younger ones here, but we're really not that far along ;P


2008-08-21 06:49:19

Also, lol at jakobhummeieione. I honestly laugh at loud when I see a post that ends with "drunk."


2008-08-21 13:37:50

Cya, good luck :P


2008-08-21 21:13:44

you know life is short, so yall that are around my age spend your time looking around your self and notice... that it is darn fun. I know it has its ups and downs, but look on the bright side, you got a whole rest of your life to enjoy, so don't waste it.[It is not like it is the end of the world to go to college.]


2009-01-30 17:53:32

Damn, words do you no justice.

Your parents did a good job.