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I'm off to college!

2008-08-20 20:19:05 by Prellz

Yessir, Friday I will be heading off to Western Illinois University, to begin my study into Radio Broadcasting. Seeing as I will have a lot more access to my computer now that I have a little more free time, expect a few flashes to come out from me within the following months (Including the 08 Memory Book).

But all in all, life is fast fellers. I know most of you are around 13-15, so I shall give you some words of wisdom: Appreciate every moment you have being the youths that you are. Explore the world around you, try new things, you only are a teenager once in your life, and my god, does it go by FAST. It seems like just yesterday I was walking into high school for the first time, and here I am now in the threshold of living on my own, dependent on my and only my decisions.

So seriously, enjoy your teenage years. I know I did :)

Thanks for the good times Newgrounds, with hopefully many more to come!
Spenser Prelletz (Prellz)

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."

Still time to be a part of Newgrounds Doodle Book!

2008-02-25 16:49:32 by Prellz

(Refer to my last post for details)

The Newgrounds Doodle Book is almost complete! Simply all I need now is more sketches!

Remember: This is open to EVERYBODY! Don't be shy! It's a great way to get your art out there! If you would like to submit one of your doodles, email them to

They don't have to be anything outstanding, just simple junk you draw when your bored in school, or a random part of inspiration.

Dont be shy now!

***EDIT*** I've been getting several computer animated pictures latley. If you would please keep all doodles to hand drawn items, then scan or take a picture of it, because when i think of 'Doodle', I think of hand drawn.

Want to be in a flash?

2008-02-11 16:30:14 by Prellz

I just thought of this idea in class today while doodling...

Do you ever get bored and doodle in class? If your interested, I'm going to put together a Newgrounds Doodle Book. Simply draw whatever comes to mind when your in school, or supposed to be listening to somebody. Don't dedicate a long period of time to the drawing, I want this kind of to be based on impulsive inspiration, so draw anything you want!

If I spark enough interest, and the submissions are all good enough, I will put together a flash featuring the doodles, and place each artists name in the flash!
So if your interested, send me your doodles at

Still curious about something? Feel free to PM me :)

Enjoy re-living 2007

Have fun! And Happy New Year!

As I did in 2006, I am making a picture slideshow of all the great NG moments of 2007, and putting it into the portal. After trying to do it all by myself, I learned over time how many huge events I missed doing.

So now its your turn! Input pictures of memories of Newgrounds that you have of the past year (Mod Meets, User Meetups, BBS posts, Special Events, etc.) in this thread , and if I decide to use them, I will put your name into the credits of the flash!

They dont have to be your own pictures. You can find them up and around the site, make screenshots, all that good stuff. Just dont post pictures of only yourself. I won't be putting individual users in, no matter how awesome you think you are.

Happy hunting!


2007-07-31 18:53:47 by Prellz


Ive been browsing the new design for a few hours, after waiting in the paltalk room with some other schmoes for a large portion of my day, then having to leave to go to the city, so I missed the big launch

But right then, on to buisness...
I will be rating each section on the simple standard grading scale.

Front Page: B
For some reason Im not digging the front page like I would. I was really looking forward to the Bytesize Player, which is one of the few things I enjoy here. The news posts along the side dont really do anything for me, seeing as how I find out what I need to know about NG on the forums. I'm also not to keen on the music in the background. I just think it interrupts with the Bytesize sound, and I feel it being too repetative.

Forums: A-
This is by far where I spend most of my NG time, so for me it had to be top notch, and it is close to what I expected. The new level icons look great, and give the page a bit more pizazz to look at while lurking (SHINEEEY NEW TOYS :D :D :D). The new mood icons depict just about every emotion I will ever post about on here. I dont feel the need for the 2 new auras, but I guess like before, they give the page a nice bit of color.The only thing lacking here is intelligent posts :(. But hey, one miracle at a time.

Flash Portal: A-
I now really enjoy depositing my experience everyday. Watching the flashes integrated in the page I feel look really cool. Having the option to play the movie in a pop up works great for me, so I can still go about my buisness while my flash is loading.

Voting is awesome now, With the automatic deposit, I dont have to spend that extra time clicking the 'DEPOSIT' button (I know its only a few seconds, BUT IT COUNTS!)

Audio Portal: A
Not that I go here much, but I was impressed with what I saw. I was really excited to see the visulations on every page, and the proved to be very cool. I can now oly wait for a full page-covering visualzation option. Also, A-bot looks hardcore on the front page.

Downloads: A+
Everything in here is excellent. A much needed improvement, fo I spent many-a-night waiting for more things in the PSP section to download. Lets also hope these kick ass new preloader options help me get off of my ass and make another flash or two :)

Personalized pages: B+
I never thought these would turn out the way they did, mostly because only one person really appreciates a page, that own user. Believe it or not, Newgrounds is simply a dog-eat-dog world, everybody is striving for attention. They dont spend time on looking at other users pages, and really only they will be looking at their own page. But hey, its nice and shiny :)

PM system: A-
Not much to say here, just a well done, much needed improvement to the PM system.

Overall: A-
I got what I expected from this redesign. I'm sure traffic will increase greatly now with the new, polished frame. For us regular users, it will take a little bit of time to get the hang of this new look, but over time we will learn to know and love it.